Little steps

Okay, I know, it has been awhile. I think I have to get used to doing this blogging thing on a more regular basis. Perhaps once a week would be better; not so overwhelming or daunting. It would also give me more time to come up with new subject matter. I will stick to a posting schedule every Friday and see how that goes.

You will be happy to know, however, that I have kept up my training every second day. Some days are better than others, but I am confident that I will have no problem carrying the torch when the big day arrives. This past week has been wonderful, as far as weather is concerned. I have to say that autumn has been much nicer than our summer was. I hope the trend continues.

I have not yet reached my new mini-goal of 165 pounds. I thought for sure I’d be there by now. I think this may be due, in part to my taking more walk-jogging days then complete jogging days. Also, I have to admit, that throughout this journey so far, I have not been the best at following a healthy diet. Actually, I have never been the best at following a healthy diet. I find it really tough not to succumb to the cravings I get that usually creep up after supper – I need to eat more veggies. Perhaps I should switch to jogging in the evenings, where the nightly cravings could possibly be kept at bay. Yes, I think I will give that a go. Little steps; that’s all it takes.

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