The big day is coming

Saturday is coming up fast and furious and I am getting anxious… or nervous, or both. If you are not in the loop, that is the day I carry the Olympic torch. Yup, this coming Saturday. The 5th. The one after this coming Friday; I can’t believe it’s almost here. Am I ready? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. I have had (and still have) many “Gawd, I hope I don’t… ” kind of thoughts running through my head, but every time I start this kind of thinking, I stop myself before I finish the phrase. Whew, that was close!

Last night I tried on my Olympic track suit (for the second time). It is still way too big for me. I am only 5′ 1″ (I think that is about 1.54 metres). Why did I order a large you ask? I am now asking myself the same question. Their lovely unisex sizing chart coupled with my hips that are genetically predisposed for hugeness gave me no other choice. However, I should have known that with the training I had intended to do, I could have ordered a medium. But at the time, I thought my past experience with the Buy it Now, Lose the Weight Later Plan hadn’t really worked all that well for me. So the only way to go was to err on the side of largeness. I could almost wrap the arms of the jacket around me like a straight ja… forget it… let’s not go there. The legs? We just won’t discuss the legs. Suffice it to say that at least I have ample room to layer. I may not look stylish, but I will be warm and comfortable.

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