First day of snow in Quebec City. I always liked the first day of snow. It ranks right up there with all those other feel good days of the year.  I am hoping that by getting back into jogging, I will have many more feel good days ahead of me.

I haven’t gone jogging yet, but I can explain. I sorrily need new running shoes and until I go out and buy them, there will be no semblance of jogging done by me. Seeing that I have not partaken in any exercise in quite some time, I have decided to start my quest to the half marathon by walking. When I do finally get my running shoes, I will slowly advance to a walk/run strategy. I am sure this will entail more walking than running at beginning, but I think I have a lot of time to build my base. As it sits, my base has been often found relaxing on couch, in front of the television, with a bag of chips. 

I have not picked a first run that I want to participate in yet, but this is not a bad thing. If anything it will give me more time to train, and God only knows, any spare time tacked on to my training is definitely a good thing. The only things I know for sure right now is that my first training run will be a 5k. It will happen somewhere in Quebec and there will be snow on the ground. Hmmm… running in the snow. Perhaps I should be looking for snowshoes.

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