A rose by any other name…

A lot has happened since we last talked. I bought my running shoes, and some cold-weather running gear.  I know, I know. All I really needed was the running shoes, but my train of thought sort of derailed when I surmised that since I was not a fast runner, I should at least look the part. I purchased the RRX jacket and tights and the Brooks Glycerin 11 running shoes. Very comfy, and so far all have been holding up their end of the bargain.


I figured too that looking the part also entailed talking the talk, so I also signed up for a 5 km fun run. Now I can tell people that I am going to be participating in a run. On the sign up page there was a question that asked if I was running or walking. I emphatically put running. Finally deciding that after all, I wear “running” shoes and “running” gear and more often than not, during the winter my nose “runs, so with all that reference to running around me, why should I not have the right to call my self a runner no matter the speed or lack thereof.  No offense to any joggers out there.

The run I signed up for is the Resolution Run in Quebec City. Don’t get me wrong; I am far from making any resolutions. In fact, I highly believe that any successes I have during my journey are directly related to the fact that I hadn’t made any resolutions. In other words, the making of a resolution is a sure-fire way to annihilate any ambitions you have towards self-improvement; of this I am positive. You want proof? Go to Google. There are over 4 million hits alone on ways not to land on the New Year’s Resolution fail heap. I do not intend to be included in one of those statistics.

What do you wear during your winter runs?


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