Smoke and Mirrors (continued)

My journey towards smoking cessation probably started about 20 years ago; the first time I had tried to quit smoking. It was a monumental success for about five years. Then? Well, then it was a monumental fail, and all it took me to restart was saying, “Ok, I’ll just have one.”

Uh, yeah right, only one cigarette. It was in a bar

Of course, what I did not realize then was that just having one was akin to just having one drink of your favourite spirit when you are an alcoholic. Just having one ultimately leads to another, and so on…

I am now on my third try. I know this time I will succeed. Why? Because my mindset is there. I am quitting because I want to. Not because some federally driven advertising campaign on cigarette packages; not because of high taxes levied on cigarettes; not because of a restricted smoking environment; and certainly not because non-smokers seem to feel the need to jump up on a soapbox to spew the virtues of quitting­–because God knows I don’t get out much and I had no idea that cigarettes could be so bad for you.

I hate to break it to you, all you non-smokers, (who I fully realize have only the best intentions in mind) but you would be hard-pressed to find someone that does not know about most, if not all the reasons to quit. Preaching to a smoker, at least in my case, did not help. If anything I found it aggravating, and it exposed my hidden anarchistic tendencies to rage against the machine. I became an expert at rationalizing my habit. However, deep down I knew it would never be true no matter how much I rationalized it.

Well, after more than two months of quitting and now being more active, looking in a mirror no longer scares me. I can now see what lies beyond the smoke and it has given me a new perspective with a brighter outlook. 

Happy holidays to everyone. Until next time.


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