Five for Friday


Where I normally like to read.

I had once wrote a post called Tuesday’s Tirade, wherein I would rant about something that irked me that week. After the first tirade, I realized I do not want to be ranting about something every week just to get a blog post in. Besides, I really don’t think I could, nor want to, be that negative every week.

That said, in the interest of good feelings, and general all-around happiness, I thought, why not post something I am grateful for, and do it on a weekly basis? So, here we are, at Five for Friday, where I will post, every Friday, five things I am grateful for in my life.

You might say, “Five things? Every week? That seems a lot.”

That may be true as time goes on, but for now I don’t believe it will be. I know I do have a lot to be grateful for; I just don’t take the time to acknowledge them. I would hazard a guess that, with the exception of Thanksgiving, many of you don’t take the time to be grateful or thankful on a regular basis either. I don’t think that is a bad thing; no one is being ungrateful, I just want to change my way of thinking and thanking.

There are many things, big and small, I take for granted that I love or love to do everyday. This week I am grateful for my partner, who is my rock; this blog, where I can write freely; my warm slippers, for my eternally cold feet; coffee in the morning, with a bit of cream and sugar; and my home, where I am always welcome.

What are you grateful for?


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