Five for Friday


Back again with Stephen King.

Ha! I bet you thought I forgot. Nope, today you get a double post from me; you lucky people!

As promised, another instalment of Five for Friday, wherein I will try to post, every Friday, until the well runs dry, something I am grateful for. So once again, in the interest of good feelings, and general all-around happiness, here you go.

This week I am grateful for my job, because there are so many who are not so fortunate; my health, because without it, things could be difficult; books, because I love a good story; social media, because otherwise I couldn’t share as easily with all of you; and laughter, because it really is the best medicine.

What are you grateful for?



2 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Well, I am grateful to be alive, to have a job and to have someone in my life that means the world to me. Family , of course, because they are there thru think and thin. But having the knowledge that I am a very lucky person is priceless. So many don’t appreciate what they have.

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