Five for Friday


The books that end up on this table are books I am currently reading.

Once again, another instalment of Five for Friday brought to you by the letter A. “A” is for Awesome, because that is what the next seven days are going to be.

I want to share a quote from Laura Hillenbrand, the author behind the book that inspired the movie Seabicuit.

“We are all showered in gifts, most of which we never really see.”

I am trying to see them all now with these Five for Friday posts. I hope you enjoy this week’s instalment.

This week, I am grateful for my glasses, because although I do not have perfect vision, I am still able to see; freshly baked bread, because the scent of it always fills the house with what’s to come; my full-length kimono-type housecoat, because it does the best job at keeping me warm; a snowfall at Christmas, because it just makes that day all the more wonderful; and my grandfather being accepted by Canada as an immigrant, because without that, none of this would exist.

What are you grateful for?


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