Betting to Win while Hoping to Lose


No one bets to lose, well aside from illegal gaming rackets and some stock market players, almost no one bets to lose. In this case, I am going to try to lose some weight and put some money where my waist is.

I’ve just finished a month long DietBet challenge, and it was so fun that I thought I would give another game a go, and of course, you are all invited to join in should you be so inclined. Whether you have a lot to lose or a little is no matter. The point is getting to a healthier place through exercise and making better eating choices.

Through my month-long escapade of eating right and exercising, I lost 11.2 pounds. (That 0.2 lb is important you know.) If I can keep this up from now until the summer, I should be well on my way to the world of a much healthier me—I can’t wait, but I will have to.

This is not The Biggest Loser, nor is it some sort of extreme excercise regimen. I am not starving, nor am I craving anything. There is no deprivation here. There is no magic pill, there is no one shouting at me to “Stop the Insanity!” There is just a good dose of healthy eating with exercise, which takes time. That is it.

For those who are new to the game, the premise is pretty simple. As an example, you bet an amount designated by the organizer, usually about $30, that you will be able to lose 4% of your weight in one month. You do a weigh-in and a weigh-out with two photos. One is a full-body photo of you on your scale, and the other is close-up of the scale with a “weigh-in word” that is sent to you by e-mail on the days of the weigh-in placed beside the scale.  When you attain your 4% weight-loss goal in a month, you win in so many ways: mentally, physically, and monetarily. The amount you win depends on the how much is in the pot. That’s it in a nutshell.

I hope to see you all there on the DietBet message board and losing to win!

P.S. I forgot to add DietBet’s No Lose Guarantee that says, “If you win your DietBet, you won’t lose money. We guarantee it. Even if everyone in your game wins, we’ll forfeit our cut so winners never lose money.”

With that kind of guarantee, how can you lose, except for the weight of course.