Search and ye shall find…unless…

Recently, I purchased a PC with Microsoft office already installed. What I did not expect was how Microsoft tried to force me into using their sad, sub-par search engine, Bing, which comes pre-packaged with their proprietary browser, Microsoft Edge. What’s worse is Microsoft does not make it easy to change your search engine preferences, because Bing is hardwired into Microsoft’s AI assistant, Cortana, which is also linked to their browser. However, if you don’t need Cortana, the path to search-engine choice is much easier.

First off, WTF is up with that name? Microsoft is a billion dollar company and all they could come up with is Bing? A name chosen, presumably, for its onomatopoeia–as if it were some kind of sick Pavlov’s dog experiment for the masses. Once you find your answer “Bing!” leaving you wanting to find more. That is just plain ridiculous and would be torturous were it true. Thank God, there are no ringing bells that go off after finding an answer. By that reasoning, they should have called it, “Piece of S**t,” because that is closer to truth of what really happens when you perform a search on Bing; you don’t get what you are looking for and end up hurling obscenities at your computer or cellphone.

When I first started using the Internet, Google was one of many search engine players, along with Yahoo. Excite, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile and a host of others; some still around and others not. The thing that these companies didn’t do was try to force you to use their search engine. Sure there was online advertising for all sorts of search engines, but in the end, it was always our choice. We chose a browser and our favourite search engine and away we went.

Now, I understand Bing wanting part of the Google, et al market share, but forcing it down my throat is the not the way to go about it. I also find Microsoft’s product placement of Bing throughout the CW television network a bit disconcerting, if not somewhat pathetic.

Me hypothetically: “Oh look at what’s his name from that whatchamacallit show using Bing. I should do that too.”

Me realistically: “Um, no. Not now, not ever.”

It seems that they are trying desperately to position themselves in a better light, and in that, they are entirely failing. Filling Microsoft’s home page
with click-bait-garbage doesn’t help matters either. I know it is sad that we use company names as verbs, but people don’t ever Bing s**t, they Google s**t. I’m sorry Microsoft, that ship has already sailed and your search engine still sucks.

(Disclaimer: I have not been paid by or affiliated with Google or any other search engine. This is my own opinion.)

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