Always good to check the weather before you go

I woke up at about 6:00 a.m. yesterday and decided I was going to go jogging right away. After I got dressed, I opened the door and was met by this awful mixture of rain, snow and wind. I immediately turned around and went jogging on my treadmill. I couldn’t believe that snow had already fallen. (And, it is still here.) I am not ready for winter yet. What happened to climate warming? I don’t see any evidence of it here. If anything, what I have experienced over this past summer and fall is climate cooling. (No, I don’t really wish for the warming of the planet. I just want to experience decent summer and fall seasons.)

Up to this point, I have done most of my jogging outdoors. I can see that’s about to change fairly quickly. In preparation for the Torch Relay I will be occasionally jogging outdoors just to acclimatize to the weather. Personally, I think people shouldn’t have to acclimatize to weather. It’s like when your mom told you that eating liver is an “acquired taste”. Why would I possibly want to acquire the taste of an organ? It’s the garburator of the human body. Yuck is all I can say.


Setting mini goals

Today was a jog day and it went pretty good. I go jogging three times a week. I was stoked this morning because I reached a small goal I had set for myself. Aside from being able to run once around a track without killing myself, my other lofty goal was to reach 169 pounds. Why 169? Because it meant that I was finally out of the 170s. I had started this journey at 174 pounds, so I not only reached my goal, but I had also managed to lose five pounds in the process. Yaay for me! My new mini-goal is now 165.

I was thinking this morning, as I was heading out the door, that not only do I need to run 400 metres, but I also have to carry a torch while running, and try not to set myself on fire in the process. Now, they say the torch weighs 1.6 kilograms (3.5 pounds), which I guess is about equivalent to a 1.5-litre bottle of water. I had thought that for training purposes, short of purchasing hand weights, I could carry a 2-litre bottle of water held upside-down. Then I thought better of it. Running around my neighbourhood holding a pop bottle may look a little weird and incite traffic accidents. It’s a good thing I have a treadmill… hmmm… maybe I can set new goals and start out with a pop can and work my way up.

We must walk before we can run

I don’t know who said “we must walk before we can run”, but literally speaking I can relate. I started this blog because I have just started jogging about two weeks ago (again after a long hiatus) and I have already experienced debates in my head about why I should or should not go jogging today, hence the blog name. I admit that every time I return from my jog I feel great, so I don’t really understand where this lack of motivation comes from. I have read that many runners suggest keeping a running journal as an aid in motivation. My past experiences with journal keeping have not been very good, so I am hoping I will fare better keeping a runner’s journal in a blog format. As I am fairly new to this sport (blogging or jogging), I need all the help I can get. Anyway, at this point I am not sure if I will just write my random thoughts or include the weather, my mileage, and periodic weight shifts, which I know are looming around the corner.

Two weeks ago when this all began, my motivation level was extremely high because I was picked to carry the Olympic torch. Talk about lighting a fire under my butt. Anyway, I had entered my name months ago and I had forgotten about it. So when I received a confirmation e-mail from the Torch Relay people, I couldn’t believe it. I was thrilled and excited at the honour… and then fear crept in. Me? Carry the Torch? The Olympic Torch? As if there were some other torch that I could run around with without being arrested. My trepidation only deepened as I further read the e-mail. The confirmation form asked if I was going to run or walk. I did not want to do something as amazing as carry the torch while walking; it seemed like I would be somehow be offending someone by doing so. (Probably just me.) I was hesitant to choose the running option, because I in no way shape or form consider myself a runner. That moniker, I thought should be left to the Bruny Surins or the Perdita Feliciens of the world. (Even though Felicien is a hurdler, there is still running involved.) Besides, what I do now is more at the pace of a saunter or a stroll than any semblance of a run… I chose the run option… I am sure I’ll be fine. It’s only 400 metres. What could go wrong?