Just One Foot in Front of the Other

The New Year’s Resolution Run has come and gone, and I ran it. Rather, I walked and ran it. Fitting, because technically it was a walk/run, but I think they meant you to choose either walking or running, and not both. However, I don’t think race organizers ever have a problem with the walk/run group of people that I currently belong.

It was a bitter -24° Celsius with the wind chill. Of course I had made it worse by thinking the wind chill temperature, caused by my extremely fast running, is actually lower. Did I say I walked and ran? It was more of a walk/shuffle thing with me. In my case, my ability to move from point A to point B rarely (read never) produces an atmosphere conducive to extremely fast running, let alone falling wind chill temperatures.

Laboured breathing, lungs that seemed like they were on the verge of freezing, seemingly glacial temperatures, and thinking that I just need to keep moving one foot in front of the other. The alternative would be if I slowed down too often frostbite might set in. You’d think I was trying to run on Mars or something.

What was I thinking wanting to start running in winter? This whole thing did seem like a good idea a few months ago. Part of the problem is that I did all my training indoors on a treadmill. Probably not such a good idea when your “fun run” takes place in the December climates of Quebec City. And really, who called this thing a “fun run” anyway? At this time of year in Arctic like cold conditions, it’s more of an extreme run… without the distance. I think calling this a fun run is kind of a misnomer. Of course it is all relative.

And relatively speaking, the course was just five kilometres, but to me it felt like it would never end. I completed it in 45 minutes. Was I disappointed in my time? How could I be? I was only too happy to be finished and able to finally go inside. Also, my time mattered only in that, I knew that this being my first 5K I would be setting a personal best. I also know that since I am just starting back in the running game, after a long hiatus, I could be possibly be setting personal bests for some time. Things will only get better.

Of course there is an upside to all of this. I got off the couch and I finished. One of the last few in the pack of runners, but I finished. My next goal is to complete a five-kilometre run without stopping. That would be something. Little steps. For now that is all I take, just one foot in front of the other.